alpha events

Length of the Challenge: 22nd August to 20th November 2022 (total 90 days)
Result Date: 28th November 2022
Judging criteria: 1. Performance (Fit Test)

2. Body Transformation: Participants must pass the Fit Test criteria first before entering second criteria which is body transformation. The winner will be voted by other members based on body transformation over 90 days.
Awards: 1. Participants who have passed the Fit Test will be awarded with Limited Edition “Alpha Approved” T shirt.

2. The winner of the second criteria who has the most votes will be awarded with Alpha one-year membership with Flexi Personal Trainer Package 10 sessions valued over 50,000 baht.
Activity Details: Special classes for Alpha Health Club and Dynamic Club members to try introduction classes from each club. There are 2 classes.
I. Les Mills Introduction Class for Dynamic Club members (Body Pump & Body Combat) hosted by Alpha Health Club at studio 1, limited 25 persons.
II. CrossFit Introduction Class for Alpha Health Club members hosted by Dynamic Club at the CrossFit area, 1st floor, limited 20 persons
Register: 10th – 19th October 2022
Fee: Free entry
Conditions: Participants must have active package cover the event period.
Remarks: Snacks are available after classes at 2nd floor waiting area.
Special offers after each class.