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all club packages

Packages Package Price per Month (THB)
Fighter Package
(Gym + Muay Thai)
3,100 Baht
Crossfit Package
(Gym + Crossfit 8 sessions)
3,300 Baht
Extreme Package
(Gym + Muay Thai 20 sessions + Crossfit 10 sessions)
3,500 Baht
Pool Package
(Extra package for member only)
200 Baht

Unlock Unlimited Potential with the All-Club Experience!

Welcome to a fitness revolution brought to you by Alpha Health Club and Dynamic Club. Our All-Club packages redefine your workout experience, offering a blend of strength, agility, and variety.

Why Choose All-Club?

- Variety: From gym workouts to Muay Thai and Crossfit, experience it all!
- Lifestyle Integration: For those who live and breathe fitness, this is your ultimate playground.
- Value for Money: Maximize every session and enjoy unmatched benefits.

Make every workout count. Choose the All-Club package and redefine your fitness journey!

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