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alpha program

Experience Fitness Freedom with Alpha Program!

Embark on a fitness journey without the financial strain, exclusively with Alpha Program—a 6-month installment plan tailored for your convenience. Enjoy the perks of an interest-free program, ensuring a worry-free fitness commitment.

Payment Breakdown:

Month Monthly Payment
First Month 2,700 Baht
Second Month 2,600 Baht
Third Month 2,500 Baht
Fourth Month 2,400 Baht
Fifth Month 2,300 Baht
Sixth Month 1,900 Baht

Terms & Conditions:

- No Alpha Rewards Discount: Points cannot be used for package payment.
- No Points Accumulation: Alpha Rewards points cannot be earned from package payments.
- Points Accumulation for Classes: Earn points as usual for class attendance and other activities.
- Active Status Requirement: Members must maintain active status throughout the program.

  • Grace Period: Members unable to pay on time can retain program benefits by paying within 15 days of the expiry date, starting from the previous month's expiry date.
  • Reactivation: If membership lapses, reactivation requires payment from the first month.

Why Choose Alpha Program?

- Budget-Friendly: Gradual payments make fitness accessible to everyone.
- Interest-Free: Enjoy the program without affecting your credit card limit.

Join Alpha Program and redefine your fitness commitment—one affordable installment at a time!

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