New Alpha System

The new Alpha System will be launched on 1st August 2023.

A game-changer that offers a wide range of benefits and user-friendly features that will enhance your experience like never before.

1. More Efficient Club's Accessibility
  • Faster self-check-in and check-out with no queuing.
  • Cardless by using your mobile to access the club.
2. Self - Managed Membership Account
  • Personal profile
  • Real-time Alpha Points balance
  • Active Package with expiration date.
  • New membership condition: one month membership valid 30 days
  • Freeze your membership by yourself, more flexible with more package dropping times.
3. Class and Personal Trainer Schedule System
  • View class timetable and online class booking
  • Online personal trainer appointment with timely reminder via Line OA.
  • Your fitness journey calendar overview including your workout history and future appointments.